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While the Fish House is a seafood restaurant, our Midwestern roots heavily shape our perspective on dining. We strive to serve simple, quality food prepared with great care and skill alongside boutique oysters and sustainable wine. We offer our guests a gratifying meal and warm experience without pretension or exclusion.


Owner, General Manager

Born and raised in Wichita, Laura found her home working in the restaurants of Lawrence. She won’t shy away from telling you there is something magical that happens when a group of individuals come together for the common cause of great service every night. With more than 10 years of experience working almost every job in a restaurant, she understands that true hospitality comes from the generous and informed work of her team. She’s living her best life when she shares a beautiful glass of wine with her guests and service family after a long day of work.

Head Chef & Epicure

Michael is a Kansas City native who began his restaurant career at age 14. After graduating from culinary school, Micheal moved to the West Coast, working with fresh seafood in Portland, OR and Sacramento. Micheal’s culinary style mimics his personality: it shows his immense skill and dedication but always remains playful and unconventional. He is a dedicated cat dad and avid science fiction reader.

Bar Manager

Margaret has washed dishes, chopped vegetables, brewed coffee, counted cash drawers, poured drinks, and joyfully served her friends and family in this community for the last seven years. As an avid self educator, Margo lights up the room when she can share her knowledge about food and wine with patrons and coworkers. She enjoys literature, art history, and a well deserved tequila shot at the end of the night. Her passion for natural wine, thoughtfully made spirits, and food-friendly cocktails define her bar program’s focus. 

Front of House Manager

Clare, a native Lawrencian, began her tenure in the industry at the farmer's market twelve years ago. Her love for the marriage of food, drink and service swiftly budded. Creating spaces for all to come, feel comfortable, confident and cared for brings her purpose and joy. When she isn't at Fish House she is likely to be at the dog park with her two beautiful Great Danes, enjoying a glass of natty sparkling wine, running video and merch for the band Murder By Death, or serving the community as a volunteer at Just Food. 


the TEAM

The Fish House was realized by a group of individuals with a genuine passion for food, wine, hospitality, and the local community. From artists and writers to farmers and metalsmiths, our staff reflects the creativity and diversity that defines Lawrence and the service industry. Watching friends, family, and complete strangers share a meal and a bottle of wine — and knowing we helped to cultivate this experience — is nothing short of a dream come true. Together we are working to bring something better to the table everyday.

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